How to buy

  1. How to place an order
  • Select the products you love by navigating the menu options or by using the search tool.
  • Choose your favorite color and size and add it to your shopping cart.

Next, you can either choose to continue shopping or initiate the checkout.
To checkout you can either create an account/login/sign in, or continue as a guest.
Insert the coupon code (if you have one).
Insert all delivery information.
Confirm the shipping costs and select a payment method.
Confirm the order.

  1. Order processing

After placing your order, you will receive an email with all your order’s details. The order will only be confirmed after payment confirmation.

As soon as we get the payment confirmation, the order will also be confirmed (you will receive an email with that information).

Finally, as soon as the order is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking code.


  1. How can I pay my order?

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to choose your preferred payment method before finishing your purchase.

1.1. Payment methods may vary according to your shipping country.

Portugal: ATM reference, MBway, bank transfer and credit card.

Rest of the world: Bank transfer or Credit card (Visa, MasterCard).

WomanizHer’s prices are in EURO. Please note that if your bank account is in another currency, the exchange rate used to debit your account will be automatically determined by your bank and not by WomanizHer.


Due to different customs policies and import duties, it is not possible for WomanizHer to anticipate the exact amount of these fees or extra costs that may be applied upon the arrival of an order to the country of destination. If in doubt, you should contact your local customs office before placing your order, to obtain accurate information about the duties and taxes that may apply. Product Availability . Our product replenishment is performed daily to guarantee continuous availability of our articles. If, by any chance, an article is sold out and it is not possible to confirm your order, you will be given the chance to choose another product or cancel your order. Please bear in mind that the items are reserved only after payment confirmation.

Payments are managed by Easypay and Stripe – these are the two payment institutions, that will be mentioned in your credit card bill or bank account movements. . .






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Please check our clients feedback at


  1. How do you ship orders?

Orders are shipped by priority Portuguese mail with tracking code .

You can followyour order online at the Portuguese mail website. .

Delivery time varies from country to country. ..

  1. Delivery times

Here are some examples of delivery times from past clients (from shipping date): – Europe (ex.: UK, France & Germany): 3-7 business days; – Rest of the word (ex.: US, Japan & China): 6-12 business days. Please check shipping costs below.

  1. Shipping costs

Portugal Free on orders above 80€

2,90€ for orders under 80€



1 piece (up to 250gr): 5,90€

2nd, 3rd e 4th pieces: 1,80€ for each additional piece

5 to 8 pieces (up to 2Kg): 0€ for each additional piece

Bottom line: you will pay a maximum of 11,30€ whether you buy 5 or 8 pieces.

Rest of the world

1 piece (up to 250gr): 6,90€

2nd, 3rd e 4th pieces: 1,80€ for each additional piece

5 to 6 pieces (up to 1Kg): 0€ for each additional piece

Bottom line: you will pay a maximum of 12,30€ whether you buy 5 or 6 pieces.

  1. Processing times

Pieces from the menus “(…) 24h/CTT” are shipped 1-2 business days after payment confirmation.


Pieces from all other menus are shipped, 4-15 business days after payment confirmation.


  1. a) The maximum shipping date of a product is shown when you select a combination of color/size.
  2. b) If you combine pieces with different shipping times, the greater shipping time is applied.
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  1. Can I track my order?

Yes. You just have to follow the tracking code for your order at the CTT website.

Note:  The order is sent to the address your provide. If the address is incomplete and/or has errors, the order will be sent again only after payment confirmation of new shipping costs. . .


For health/hygiene reasons, it’s not possible to exchange/return intimate items, such as swimwear and lingerie.

When it comes to other items, only the ones from the menus “(…) 24h/CTT” are in the warehouse. Items from other menus are bought from the trademarks to fulfill your order. For this reason, only pieces from menus “(…) 24h/CTT” can be exchanged.

Bearing this in mind, please check the size guide before placing your order. When in doubt, please email:

If you bough a piece from the menus “(…) 24h/CTT” and what to exchange/return it, these are the conditions:


Please inform you wish to exchange/return your order up to 3 days after receiving it.

  1. a) All items must be in perfect conditions with the original labels.
  2. b) If you wish to exchange your order for another item, you will have to pay shipping costs, for the order to be sent again. Track and insure your package.
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  1. Size guide

1.1 How to measure yourself:

Place the measuring tape around:

Your breasts, in the wider area (usually at the nipples);

Your waist, in the thinner area (usually at the bellybutton);

Your hips, in the wider area.

1.2 Size table:

  1. LINGERIE size table
Size Breasts Waist Hips
XS 80-84 60-63 80-86
S 84-88 64-68 84-90
M 88-92 69-74 94-98
L 92-96 75-78 95-99
XL 96-100 79-82 100-105
2XL 100-104 83-86 106-110
3XL 100-108 87-90 111-115
S/L 86-102 60-79 87-104
S/M 82-92 62-74 85-95
L/XL 90-100 75-82 95-106
XL/2XL 95-100 79-97 103-121
2XL/3XL 99-103 95-100 110-123
3XL/4XL 101-105 97-115 121-139
5XL/6XL 106-110 115-133 139-157
NOTE: Measurements in centimeters. Please check the conversion table to inches.


  1. SWIMWEAR size table
Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
Measurements Bra
Breasts (2) 78-82 83-86 87-92 93-95 96-102 103-107 108-112
Back (1) 63-67 68-72 73-77 78-82 83-87 88-92 93-97
Waist 63-68 69-74 75-81 82-87 88-93 94-99 100-104
Hips 86-92 93-98 99-104 105-110 111-116 117-122 123-128
NOTE: Measurements in centimeters. Please check the conversion table to inches.

  1.  Place the measuring tape around your back/right below your breasts, as in the picture – in blue.
  2.  Place the measuring tape around your back/at the nipples, as in the picture, in green.


. . When in doubt, please email: