Se adora lingerie (uma vez que está aqui, tenho a sensação de que sim!), talvez partilhe comigo algumas das minhas dificuldades de “antigamente”! Antes de eu descobrir com que tipo de lingerie me sinto confortável, eu pensava que me sentiria sensual com qualquer tipo de lingerie, desde que me fosse visualmente apelativa. Descarregue o catálogo grátis!

3 tips to choose lingerie that makes you FEEL sexy - download the free lingerie catalog

Then I would buy it, would try it and (more times than I would like) I would feel that the piece that looked amazing in the campaign, had nothing to do with me. Even though sometimes it was not even a matter of size or shape. It just wasn’t me!

Com o tempo, percebi que estava a comprar lingerie que eu ACHAVA iria agradar o meu namorado em vez de comprar lingerie que se enquadrava no meu estilo. O problema era que, por não me sentir confortável com o que estava a usar (isto é tão óbvio com a roupa que usamos no dia-a-dia), eu não me sentia bem e, portanto, não era eu própria. Descarregue o catálogo grátis!

3 tips to choose lingerie that makes you FEEL sexy - download the free lingerie catalog

So, nowadays, instead of buying lingerie I THINK might please him, I buy lingerie that I know will MAKE ME FEEL sexy, by answering these 3 simple questions:

1. Will the lingerie enhance some of my problem areas?

My number one problem area is my tummy so, now I avoid pieces that show it off in a way that I know will make me feel self-conscious.

2. Does the piece come in a material I like?

Depending on the type of lingerie I am looking for – ex. everyday use Vs sexy date night – I also like to look for different materials. For example: I looove the feel of satin and lace for sexy lingerie, but I rather chose jersey cotton for everyday use.

3. Is the piece made in my favorite colors?

I love darker colors such as black, burgundy or navy blue. But you might be into pink, white or light gray! Pick YOUR colors.

And just like this, by answering 3 simples questions, I know immediately if the lingerie I have been looking for has to be part of the personal collection!

Se ainda não sabe qual é o seu tipo de lingerie, não pode perder o CATÁLOGO GRÁTIS que pode DESCARREGAR AQUI.

In this catalog you will find several types of lingerie, so you can make the right choice for you.

If you still don’t know what type of lingerie to choose and need PERSONALIZED HELP, please join the WomanizHer’s VIP Club on Facebook! This is a group for women where you can get help, not just from the store, but also from WomanizHer’s community!

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